Doyon Utilities maintains a master GIS database for all the utility systems.  This database is managed by Doyon Utilities and shared with the installation.  This database is important to the maintenance and operation of the installation mission.

Upon completion of project work, the contractor is required to collect and submit Spatial Data Standards for Facilities, Infrastructure and Environment (SDSFIE) compliant GIS data for all newly installed utilities, rebuilt utilities, or demolished utilities. Below are the related documents necessary for GIS submittals.

DU GIS Data Requirements

Database Dictionary

SDSFIE Database and Samples

Geographic Information System (GIS) is a data-driven graphical tool used to present spatial data. Information for a GIS is typically stored in separate data files. Spatial information from each individual file can be overlain with another file to create data sets that show multiple values for the same area of interest. For example, aerial photography from one data set may be overlain with street information to produce a basic map. Adding buildings, landmarks, and property lines from other data files can greatly increase the information available to the user and enhance the ability of the user to manage multiple layers of complex data at one time.