Fort Wainwright

Fort Wainwright is located adjacent to the City of Fairbanks, Alaska.  The cantonment area covers approximately 13,500 acres, and extensive training lands add an additional 1.6 million acres.  DU serves nearly 16,000 residents, Soldiers, and federal workers at Fort Wainwright.

Doyon Utilities owns and operates four utilities on Fort Wainwright, including a coal-fired cogeneration plant.  DU’s Fort Wainwright team consists of 45 operators, mechanics, electricians, and coal/ash handlers at the power plant, four water treatment plant operators, and 22 utility fitters and electrical personnel to maintain the heat, water, wastewater, and electrical distribution systems.

Electrical Distribution System (EDS).  DU operates over 300 miles of overhead and underground distribution lines on the main cantonment area and throughout Fort Wainwright’s ranges.  Electricity is supplied by DU’s power plant, which can meet all the heat and energy needs of the installation, and by Golden Valley Electric Association (GVEA).  DU also owns and maintains the airfield lighting for Ladd Army Air Field.

Central Heat and Power Plant (CHPP) and Heat Distribution System (HDS).  Fort Wainwright is heated by a centralized heating system comprised of the CHPP and a heat distribution system that includes steam distribution and condensate return piping, most of which runs through 34 miles of underground utility corridors, or utilidors.  The CHPP is a 22 MWe coal-fired plant that generates steam and electricity to meet the heating and electricity demands of the base. Most of the system was built in the early 1950s, with many upgrades and additions over the years.

Potable Water Distribution System.  Fort Wainwright’s potable water is supplied by wells to a greensand-filter water treatment plant initially constructed in 1953.  A unique characteristic of the Fort Wainwright water distribution system as compared to a typical municipal water distribution system is that most of the water lines are located in the utilidor system rather than direct buried.

Wastewater Collection System.  Fort Wainwright’s wastewater is collected by a series of sewer mains that run primarily through the utilidor system.  Residual heat from the steam and condensate pipes provides freeze protection for the wastewater lines.  DU owns and operates the wastewater collection system, but the wastewater is treated off the installation by Golden Heart Utilities.