Doyon Utilities’ Design and Construction Standards provide technical guidance for engineers and contractors.  The Standards apply only to Doyon Utilities’ projects at Fort Wainwright, JBER Richardson, and Fort Greely.  The Standards shall be followed for all utility assets to be owned, operated and maintained by Doyon Utilities, including service connections between the distribution systems and the facilities.

The Standards form a basis of design and supplement construction documents to help designers and constructors through the steps in the utility design and installation process; to serve as inspection guidance; and as information for the Army.  The Standards supplement the Utilities’ rates, charges, and rules and regulations as filed with the Regulatory Commission of Alaska (RCA).

The Standards are modified from time to time, generally on an annual basis during the first quarter of the year.  When substantive revisions occur, Doyon Utilities will notify the Army in writing.  The Standards will be enforced.  It is the responsibility of the user of these Standards to ensure they have the most recent version.

If you have any questions please contact Doyon Utilities.

FWA and FGA  – Design and Construction Standards